9:00 Welcome & Introduction
Prof. Enrico Pagello & Prof. Changjiu Zhou

Session 1 Chair: Emanuele Menegatti
9:10 Gait-Optimization on a Humanoid Robot using Particle Swarm Optimization
Cord Niehaus, Thomas Röfer, and Tim Laue
9:35 Adequate Motion Simulation and Collision Detection for Humanoid Soccer Robots
Martin Friedmann, Karen Petersen, and Oskar von Stryk
10:00 A Ball Is Not Just Orange: Using Color and Luminance to Classify Regions of Interest
Hannes Schulz, Hauke Strasdat, and Sven Behnke

Session 2 Chair: Sven Behnke
10:40 Learning humanoid soccer actions interleaving simulated and real data
Luca Iocchi and Fabio Dalla Libera and Emanuele Menegatti
11:05 Humanoid Online Locomotion Generation based on Markov Chain with Microsoft Robotics Studio
Lingyun Hu, Changjiu Zhou, Bi Wu, Tianwu Yang
11:30 Poster Spotlights

Poster Session
Bioloid based Humanoid Soccer Robot Design
Joerg Christian Wolf, Phil Hall, Paul Robinson, and Phil Culverhouse
On Standardization in the RoboCup Soccer Humanoid Leagues
Norbert Michael Mayer, Joschka Boedecker, and Minoru Asada
Using Heuristic Evaluation for Human-Humanoid Robot Interaction in Soccer Robotics Domain
Mohan Rajesh Elara, Carlos A. Acosta Calderon, Changjiu Zhou, Pik Kong Yue, and Lingyun Hu

Session 3
13:00 Invited Talk: RoboCup Humanoid Challenge [Slides]
Minoru Asada and Norbert Michael Mayer
13:30 Discussion: Future of Humanoid Soccer Robots
14:00 Discussion: Rules for RoboCup 2008

14:45 Designing a Team of Soccer Playing Humanoid Robots
Sven Behnke
15:45 Concluding Remarks
Prof. Enrico Pagello & Prof. Changjiu Zhou