RoboCup / 2006 Competition in Bremen / Humanoid League / Participants


The following teams participated in the 2006 Humanoid League competitions:


 Team name
 Qualifiation Material
 Univ. of Manitoba
 TDP, Video1, Video2
 Univ. of Padua
 TDP, Specs, Video
 Univ. of Bremen, Univ. of Dortmund
 TDP, Specs, Video1, Video2
 Darmstadt Dribblers & Hajime Team
 Darmstadt Univ. of Technology,
 Hajime Research Inst.
 TDP, Specs, Video1, Video2
 Humanoid Team Humboldt
 Humboldt Univ. Berlin
 TDP, Specs, Video1, Video2
 Osaka Univ.
 TDP, Video
 King Mongkut's Univ. of Technology Thonburi
 TDP, Specs, Video
 National Iranian Copper Industries Company  Iran
 TDP, Video
 NimbRo  Univ. of Freiburg  Germany  TDP, Specs, Video
 Pioneros Mexico
 Panamericana University campus Guadalajara  Mexico
 TDP, Specs, Video
 Robo Erectus
 Singapore Polytechnic
 Singapore  TDP, Specs, Video
 National Univ. of Singapore
 TDP1, TDP2, Specs1, Specs2, Specs3, Video1, Video2
 Osaka Univ., Vstone Co.
 TDP1, TDP2, Specs1, Specs2, Video
 Tsinghua Univ.
 TDP, Specs, Video
 Tamkang Univ.
 TDP, Specs, Video
 Toin Phoenix
 Toin Univ. of Yokohama
 TDP, Specs, Video


 Team name  Affiliation  Country  Qualifiation Material
 Darmstadt Dribblers
 Darmstadt Univ. of Technology  Germany
 TDP, Specs, Video
 Iran Fanavaran
 Semnan University
 TDP, Specs, Image
 Univ. of Freiburg  Germany
 TDP, Specs, Video
 Pal Technology
 Pal Robotics
 United Arab Emirates
 TDP, Video1, Video2, Video3, Video4
 Osaka Univ., Vstone Co.
 TDP, Specs

A list of teams who participated in the RoboCup 2005 Humanoid League competitions, which took place in Osaka, is available here.
The results of the 2005 competitions are posted here.