The 5th Workshop on Humanoid Soccer Robots  


The workshop will take place on December 7th, 2010 in Room 7B.


        08:00 - Welcome

        08.15 - Invited Talk: Thomas Röfer (DFKI, Bremen)
                   The B-Human Approach to the RoboCup Standard Platform League

        Session 1:  Vision

        09:15 - Vision Calibration and Processing on a Humanoid Soccer Robot.
                   Piyush Khandelwal, Matthew Hausknecht, Juhyun Lee, Aibo Tian and Peter Stone

        09:40 - Effective Real-Time Visual Object Detection
                   Francisco Martin and Manuela Veloso

        10:05 - Vision-Based Cognition of a Humanoid Robot in Standard Platform Robot Soccer
                   Somchaya Liemhetcharat, Brian Coltin and Manuela Veloso

        10:30 - Coffee Break

        11:00 - Plenary Talk  in Ballroom 4

        12:00 - Lunch Break

        Session 2:  World Modeling ( Room 7 B )

        13:30 - Online Detection of Instability for Robust Teamwork in Humanoid Soccer Robots
                   Kshirabdhija Nadarajan and Mohan Sridharan

        13:55 - A Closed-loop 3D-LIPM Gait for the RoboCup Standard Platform League Humanoid
                   Colin Graf and Thomas Röfer

        Session 3:  Motion and Sensing

        14:20 - Robot Recognition and Modeling in the RoboCup Standard Platform League
                   Alexander Fabisch, Tim Laue and Thomas Röfer

        14:45 - Modeling Observation Uncertainty for Soccer Playing Humanoid Robots
                   Stefan Kohlbrecher and Oskar von Stryk

        Session 4:  Posters

        15:20 - Using visual attention in a Nao humanoid to face the RoboCup any-ball challenge
                   Juan F. Garcia, Francisco J. Rodriguez, Francisco Martin and Vicente Matellan

                   Unified Humanoid Robotics Software Platform
                   Stephen G. McGill, Jordan Brindza, Seung-Joon Yi and Daniel D. Lee

                   Controlled Kicking under Uncertainty
                   Samuel Barrett, Katie Genter, Todd Hester, Michael Quinlan and Peter Stone

                   Sophisticated Offline Analysis of Teams of Autonomous Mobile Robots
                   Dirk Thomas, Dorian Scholz, Simon Templer and Oskar von Stryk

                   Detection of Rotational-Invariant Objects Through Regression
                   Susana Brandao, Manuela Veloso and Joao Paulo Costeira

        Session 5:  Behavior Control

        16:05 - Multiresolution Path Planning in Dynamic Environments for the Standard Platform League
                   Ricarda Steffens, Matthias Nieuwenhuisen and Sven Behnke

        16:30 - Behavior-based Iterative Component Architecture for soccer applications with the Nao humanoid
                   Carlos E. Agüero, Jose M. Canas, Francisco Martin and Eduardo Perdices

        16:55 - Optimizing Interdependent Skills for Simulated 3D Humanoid Robot Soccer
                   Daniel Urieli, Patrick MacAlpine, Shivaram Kalyanakrishnan, Yinon Bentor and Peter Stone

        17:30 - Panel Discussion:
                   Build vs. Buy vs. Simulate: Different leagues for different aspects of the humanoid soccer research problem.

        18:30 - End



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