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News and Changes

November  2008:

Added link to The Third Workshop on Humanoid Soccer Robots @ Humanoids 2008.

February 2008:
Added link to the RAS Special Issue on Humanoid Soccer Robots.

September  2007:
Added link to The Second Workshop on Humanoid Soccer Robots @ Humanoids 2007.

May 2007:
Added link to German Open 2007, Hannover.
Added German Open 2007 images, video, results.

November 2006:
Added videos to the media page.
Added link to RoboCup 2007, Atlanta.

July 2006:
Added some pictures to the media page.

June 2006:
The competition takes place.
Updated list of teams and posted results here.

May 2006:
Added preliminary schedule.

February 2006:
Added travel support details.

January 2006:
Added qualification details.

December 2005:
Added registration and qualification schedule and preregistration details.

November 2005:
Updated the rules draft.

October 2005:
Added a 2006 rules draft to the Rules section.

August 2005:
Initial setup of the site.