The 8th Workshop on Humanoid Soccer Robots

Invited presentation

Luis Sentis, University of Texas at Austin

Whole-Body Compliant Control During Multi-contact Standing and Stepping Behaviors in a Series Elastic Biped

Missing capabilities of bipeds include agility to operate in crowded environments, human and robot safety to collisions and falls, power autonomy, and efficiency in power performance. On the other hand, whole-body compliant control is the process of controlling simultaneously internal multicontact forces, task trajectories, and task forces of multiple coordinate frames using torque commands. Internal multicontact forces are those that do not cause or result from instantaneous movement of the robot. In this talk we will briefly describe the performance of whole-body compliant controllers during agile standing maneuvers and stepping behaviors in a point foot series elastic bipedal robot. We will achieve this by
(1) leveraging models of multicontact,
(2) studying the performance of point feet robot on regulating internal forces and following trajectories by means of whole-body compliant control,
(3) leveraging phase space planning techniques to achieve robustness through online replanning,
(4) experimenting with our point feet biped on balancing in split beveled terrains, and
(5) experimenting with stepping behaviors under collisions.

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